Mediterranean Chapter (MED-ACHS)

The Mediterranean Chapter of the ACHS is a cross-national, regional network of scholars, researchers and practitioners working in the broad and interdisciplinary field of heritage studies who are based in the Mediterranean area (countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea) or have an interest in Mediterranean heritage.

The MED Chapter, established in 2017, promotes Mediterranean heritage as an area of critical enquiry and supports dialogue, networking, exchange of and dissemination of information between researchers, practitioners and activists from different fields and disciplinary backgrounds interested in the Mediterranean heritage. The Chapter aims to hold bi-annual regional workshops to focus on specific MED topics in the years between global ACHS events.

Members of the MED Chapter will be notified about related Chapter activities like workshops, conferences, publications, projects collaborations, calls for project partners etc. If you are a member of ACHS, you can become a part of the Mediterranean Chapter by selecting “Mediterranean Chapter” under “Chapters” in your Member Profile in the ACHS Member Directory.

To share information, ideas, comments etc. please contact the MED Chapter Coordinators: Dr. Darko Babic, University of Zagreb, Croatia (, Prof. Alexandra Bounia, University of the Aegean, Greece (, and Dr. Clara Masriera Esquerra, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain (