What are the Chapters and Networks?

ACHS has a variety of geographical 'chapters' and thematic 'networks' that serve as hubs for Members working in specific regions or areas of interest. These groups are encouraged to hold their own events and engage in Chapter or network-wide discussions. Some of our active Chapters and Networks are listed below (please note that this information may not yet reflect the full range of Chapters and Networks available).

Chapters are run by volunteer Coordinators who, with the assistance of the ACHS website facilities and Membership Directory, manage the Chapter's / Network's mailing list, encourage and assist in the running of Chapter or Network events, and help to recruit new Members. Chapter and Network Coordinators are offered support by the ACHS Executive Committee, and particularly the Membership and Chapters Sub-Committee.

How do I join a Chapter or Network?

Upon joining ACHS, Members are asked to indicate their research interests and their wish to join a Chapter or a Network. If a geographical Chapter is already operating in the region/interest, the Member will automatically become part of that Chapter/Network. Whenever the Chapter/Network holds an event or makes an announcement, Members of the Chapter/Network will be notified by email or through the Chapter/Network Newsletter if any. If Members have news or other topics they would like to put up to the Chapter/Network for consideration, they can organise this directly with the Chapter/Network Coordinator.

How do I form a Chapter or Network?

ACHS welcomes suggestions or requests for new Chapters and Networks, particularly in regions or areas of interest that have concentrations of Members not yet represented in the Chapter/Network system. This can be checked by searching the Membership Directory by Country or Interest. The ACHS Executive Committee (and Membership and Chapters Sub-Committee) will help with this process, including the organisation of a Chapter/Network mailing list through the ACHS website.

If you are interested in establishing a Chapter or Network, please submit an online enquiry via our contact page.