China Chapter

The China Chapter of the ACHS aims to develop an interdisciplinary community for scholars and practitioners working in the field of heritage studies who either work in China or have an interest in heritage issues in China. The Chapter promotes the research and practise of heritage issues in China. It integrates the scholarship worldwide with Chinese experience in how heritage is valued, preserved, politicised, planned, financed, consumed and deployed. The chapter finds resonance in the Chinese ancient philosophy of “ Diversity in Harmony” and “ Harnessing the Past to Create the Future” in its pursuit of heritage studies.

A range of diverse disciplinary perspectives and approaches will be encouraged for the study of heritage. Through activities such as annual meetings, the chapter devotes to create platforms for dialogue, networking, exchange and sharing of knowledge among chapter members from different disciplines and different sectors.

If you are a member of ACHS, you can become a part of the China Chapter by selecting “China Chapter” under “Chapters” in your Member Profile in the ACHS Member Directory. You can also contact Prof. Huimei Liu ( For further information or to share ideas and comments, please contact Chapter Coordinators: Prof. Huimei Liu ( ), Zhejiang University ; and Prof. Chaozhi Zhang (, Sun Yet-sun University.