Intangible Heritage (ICH) Researchers Network

The Intangible Heritage (ICH) Researchers network shares information about ICH-related research, publications, conferences, courses and events with people working specifically on ICH issues. Members come from all continents and various professional backgrounds, communities and institutions or NGOs. In August 2018, the network included over 1200 members. We send out a monthly newsletter. Other languages than English are welcomed but the newsletter is mostly in English.

The ICH network was set up by Dr Harriet Deacon and is currently coordinated by Dr Cristina Clopot and Dr Hanna Schreiber. The network has a committee of 24 members:  Dr Christina Aamodt (Greece), Dr Mrinalini Atrey (India), Dr Daniel Barrera-Fernández (Mexico), Nataliya Bezborodova (Canada), Marina Calvo Pérez (France), Dr Anna Catalani (UK), Marie Clausén (Canada), Cristina Clopot (UK), Anindita Dey (India), Dr Ichumbaki Elgidius (Tanzania), Dr Jayson Scott Grimes (Germany), Dr Evy Johanne Håland (Norway), Dr Shisachila Imchen (UK), Prof Marc Jacobs (Belgium), Helga Janse (Japan), Pamela Jordan (Netherlands), Prof Gyooho Lee (Korea), Dr Christina Maags (UK), Rishika Mukhopadhyay (UK), Deirdre Prins-Solani (Kenya), Dr Hanna Schreiber (Poland), Dr Keletso Gaone Setlhabi (Botswana), Dr Geneviève Susemihl (Germany), Nevena Tatovic (Portugal).

If you wish to join the ICH Network, please select 'Intangible Heritage' under “Chapters and Networks” in your Member Profile in the ACHS Member Directory. . Please direct any enquiries about the ICH Network to the Coordinator, Dr Cristina Clopot and/or Dr Hanna Schreiber.