ACHS Newsletter Issue 5 - June, 2018


Executive Committee's Message

Dear ACHS Member

We are honored to bring you this ACHS newsletter.

A lot of you are probably making plans for the Hangzhou Conference in September. The organizing team, led by Prof Cheng Le, is ready to welcome you for what will be the first conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies on the Asian Continent. As some of you will require a visa to enter China, we invite you register as soon as possible and to follow the organizers’ instructions to get the mandatory letter of invitation.

You will find more information on the Conference in the article below and on the Conference website: As you will discover below, 105 sessions and some 700 papers have been announced for what promises to be a great event. We hope you can joint us!

Lucie K. Morisset
ACHS President

Celmara Pocock
Chair of the Communications Committee

Yujie Zhu
Chair of the Conference Committee

Trinidad Rico
Chair of the Membership and Chapters Committee

And all the ACHS Executive

Zhejiang U Campus

Zhejiang U Campus

Hangzhou 2018 Conference

Thanks to several months’ hard work by the local conference organizing committee, we are excited to announce that 105 sessions and about 700 papers have been accepted for the ACHS 2018 Hangzhou conference. We are pleased to invite you to visit the conference website:

All keynotes speakers from different disciplines and regions have been confirmed. They are Prof David J. Bodenhamer from Indiana University- Purdue University, USA; Prof Emeritus Nelson Graburn from University California Berkeley, USA; Prof Michael Rowlands from University College London, UK; Prof Lily Kong from Singapore Management University; Prof Longxi Zhang from City University of Hong Kong; and Prof Jianming Cai from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Registration is now open. Please follow the guidelines and complete the registration. Feel free to contact the local organizing committee if you need any assistance with payment or if you need a formal letter to support your funding and visa application.

The conference venue is “Zijinggang Campus, Zhejiang University”. We highly recommend that international travellers book flights directly to Hangzhou International Airport. Once you arrive at the airport, the easiest way to get to the conference venue is by taxi (a taxi waiting zone is right outside the airport). If you arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport, you can take a shuttle bus from the airport to downtown Hangzhou (about 3 hours), and then a taxi to your hotel/conference venues.

Regarding hotel bookings, the conference website displays several options with a range of prices. In the coming weeks, more budget hotels will be advertised on the webpage. In the meantime, feel free to use to search for accommodation you may like.

Any books published since 2016, the year of the last ACHS conference, are eligible to be launched at the conference. Please send your requests for book launches to the host organizing committee so they can assist you regarding the room booking and programming ( 

In three months’ time we will meet in Hanghou for our conference! We are really excited at the prospect of meeting you all there!

Here is some other practical information:


You may register on the conference website:

When you sign up for the conference, it may take some time for the verification code to arrive in your email. Please do not retry the “Send Code” button within 10 minutes, otherwise you may get several verification codes. You can check your payment status in your personal profile center after you have finished the transaction. An invoice will be sent to your email within 3 days after your payment. If you do not receive your invoice within three days, please inform us by sending an email to 

Letter of Invitation: 

Please write to the organizing committee at if you need a formal letter of invitation to get a visa to enter China. You need to include in your letter your passport number and your name exactly as they appear on the passport. The organizing committee will send a letter to your email address. Please be reminded that it may take several weeks to obtain a visa, for which you might also need to have pre-booked a hotel (to provide an address for your visa application). We encourage you to initiate the procedure as soon as you can.

Student Funding

Applicants for student funding are required to submit a full paper on the conference website before June 30th. Papers will go through a review by the scientific committee and grants will be announced during the conference. All grantees are required to register for the conference and give a presentation at the conference.

Publication Opportunities

All authors who present their papers at the conference will be invited to submit an extended version of their research paper. Submitted papers will go through blind review process for acceptance and will be published in edited volumes or special issues of international journals. Deadline for full paper submission is November 30th.

You can find the most recent information about the conference by visiting:



The Membership of our Association has continued growing in the past months. At the end of May 2018 there were 2862 members from all continents. The map above shows the geographic distribution of these members.

As you know, ACHS membership has been free since its official creation in Gotheburg, in 2012. However, our constant growth and the need to deploy some tools to sustain communication and to ensure the future development of our Association, including to support to young scholars, will require some monetary input. This will be an important matter of discussion at the General Meeting of Members in Hangzhou. We hope that all can attend.

All can browse through the Membership Directory at

Do not forget to keep your contact details up to date! You can edit your member profile here:

Publication outcomes from ACHS Conferences

Arte Capa HQ&D 66.1.png

História : questões et debates : Part 1

Open Access publication at

This collection of paper in a thematic issued published by História: questões et debates, is the result of discussions held at the 2016 meetings in Montréal. Over two days, participants from seven countries and four indigenous nations presented a diverse array of papers.  In proposing a session that corresponded to the ACHS 2016 theme What does heritage change? we argued that archaeology, in going above and beyond the traditional goals of research and post-excavation analyses, may indeed contribute to education and to the creation of identities and communities. This volume begins with papers on how the practice of archaeology is managed and legislated. Four papers and two case studies present some of these shared challenges while also highlighting archaeological success stories.  Desrosiers’ paper outlines how archaeology is legislated and practiced in the Canadian province of Québec, while Moss discusses management at the municipal level in the city of Québec. Tanaka’s paper focuses on the complex management of archaeology at the site of Patara, Turkey, and explains how a variety of government bodies apply their specific legislations to the site. Treyvaud and her colleagues from the Abenaki Nation in southern Québec explain the Waban-Aki approach to co-managing cultural heritage and natural resources. This volume concludes with the presentation of two case studies submitted by doctoral students. Wang discusses the relatively recent classification of Chinese Large Scale Archaeological sites and presents us with three examples, while Hesham focuses on Luxor, Egypt, and how archaeology has impacted both the local community and the cultural landscape since the nineteenth century.


The editors of the Journal of Canadian Studies are pleased to have permission to use the evocative art of Kent Monkman ‘The Scream’ on this JCS special issue cover. [kent-monkman-The-Scream 2016]

The editors of the Journal of Canadian Studies are pleased to have permission to use the evocative art of Kent Monkman ‘The Scream’ on this JCS special issue cover. [kent-monkman-The-Scream 2016]

“Critical Heritage Studies in Canada”, Journal of Canadian Studies

When Susan Ashley, Andrea Terry, Phaedra Livingston, Caitlin Gordon-Walker and Lisa Taylor got together for a pint in Montreal after the ‘What Does Heritage Change’ conference, the idea of a special academic publication on Critical Heritage Studies in Canada was born.  The aim was to raise of profile of views and voices about heritage that lay outside the entrenched departmental ‘Canadian Heritage’ discourses, and to inject indigenous, minority ethnic, and ‘from below’ experiences into the academic and professional sphere. Now Susan and Andrea, with the editorial partnership of Lucie Morisset, have prepared a special issue of the Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue d’etudes Canadiennes, ‘Critical Heritage Studies in Canada’. The journal not only attracted eleven articles and a dedicated book review, but spawned a ‘community of interest’ through the numerous peers reviewers across Canada. The journal will be available this summer, and Susan and Andrea hope to have a few copies and order forms available at the ACHS conference in Hangzhou.


Future Conferences

As you know, as a result of the vote held during the ACHS 2016 Conference, the ACHS 2020 Conference will be hosted in London, under the direction of ACHS member and former vice-president (2014-2016) Rodney Harrison.

A formal call for bids will be issued in the beginning of July for proposals to host the 2022 Conference, together with the guidelines on how to present an expression of interest. These proposals will be reviewed and voted on in our Hangzhou Conference, in September.


Election of ACHS Officers

Following our By-Laws, the General Meeting of Members to be held during the Hangzhou Conference will also see the election of the Officers of the ACHS. Nominations for the new Officers may be made by a nomination form signed by the nominee and at least two members of the Association.

The nomination process will be communicated to all members in the beginning of July.

Events, Opportunities & Conferences