Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research (CIIR), Santiago de Chile, Chile

Coordinator:  Olaya Sunfuentes, CIIR associate research

As CIIR (Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research) we want to firmly express our interest to become the host of 2022 Bi Annual Conferennce of ACHS, in Santiago de Chile. The CIIR is a research center that seeks to provide the country with high-level studies to the problems of intercultural relations, with an interdisciplinary, holistic perspective oriented dialogue and respect for cultural diversity. CIIR is formed by three universities: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano and Universidad Diego Portales. One of the groups at CIIR is focused on the research and communication of cultural heritage problems. It is from this academic background that we feel we can and we should dialogue with all other scholars around the world who are specialized in these topics. As the main university in Chile, we have all the required infrstructure and expertice for these events. Nevertheless, we want to make clear that we agree with all the requirements that the ACHS has established for this call of interests (English as the official language, financing key speakers and providing translation for any conference in other language, auditoriums and rooms big enough to host at least 250 people, etc)

Accessibility and Transportation Access

Campus San Joaquin Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile,     is where most faculties of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile are located. It has many auditoriums, classrooms and other spaces for diverse activities. It also has adequate access for people with reduced movility.

The auditoriums at campus are well implemented to provide simultaneous translation, internet access and required audiovisual equipments to ACHS conference needs. 

Furthermore, the campus has the needed spaces to stand up a registration spot , rest areas as well as rooms to develop the conference sessions. 

It is possible to get to the campus through public transportation. A subway station is located in front of the campus. People can buy pre paid cards for public transportation. This cards may be bought with antellation and included with the material to be given to participants at the beggining of the event.


Santiago city has many hotels and despite San Joaquín is in the suburbs, it has good connectivity with other central and touristic neighborhoods through public transportation, specially through the subway. CIIR can make arrangements with many hotels it has worked with before, in order to give the participants a great variety of accomodations to choose.

Conference Package and Participation

Dia 1 : Pre conference activities / workshop

Dia 2 : Inauguration ceremony / welcome dinner

Dia 3 : Key speaker conference / concurrent sessions

Dia 4 : Key speaker conference / concurrent sessions

Dia 5 : Key speaker conference / concurrent sessions / closing ceremony / closing dinner

Conference Fees

General Inscription:    USD $300

Student Inscription:    USD $150

Residents Inscription: USD $200

Close dinner:              USD $40

Welcome dinner:        USD $40

Daily lunch:                USD $10

Break (each):              USD $5

Public Transportation card: USD $13

Other items must be covered by each participant.