Conference: Folklore and the NationThe annual conference of The Folklore Society

Folklore and the Nation
The annual conference of The Folklore Society
29-31 March 2019.
University of Derby, United Kingdom.
Call for papers—first deadline Sunday 9 December, 2018
The conference will like to examine how, why and when folklore has been deployed in the context of national ideologies and ideas of nationhood. The conference accommodates the use of folklore in exclusionary and disciplinary deployments of nationalism, whilst remaining open to flexible definitions of nationalism, in the form of solidarity, ethnicity, diaspora and nations within nations. It welcomes perspectives from Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Ethnology, Ethnomusicology, History, Literary Studies, Sociology and other disciplines. It also invites contemporary and historical understandings of the many connections between folklore and the nation. Contributions might look at the local and the national, links and similarities between nations and the role of gender and sexualities, in addition to traditional forms such storytelling, folk song, dance and costume, amongst others. 
Proposals of 100–150 words, for presentations of 20 minutes, should be emailed to: and copied to Please include a brief biographical note, including contact details.
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