Amsterdam University Press - Modelscapes of Nationalism: Collective Memories and Future Visions


Modelscapes of Nationalism

Collective Memories and Future Visions

By Yael Padan

Modelscapes are clusters of miniature architectural models that represent entire environments. They're frequently found in museums as representations of heritage, architecture, and collective identity. This book offers a critical analysis of modelscapes, using case studies from Israel, to show how miniature representations of contested physical space participate in the construction of a sense of national identity and appropriation of the land and its history. What, Yael Padan asks, is the meaning of such models, and what role do they play within the context of an ongoing violent conflict over territory and history?


Hardback | 240 pages | 1 colour, 32 b/w illustrations

ISBN 978 90 8964 985 0| €89.00 | £70.00 | $110.00

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 901 8| €88.99 | £69.99 | $109.99

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