CFP: Placing pasts: Exploring the situated and relational dynamics of heritage production


Paper proposals are invited for the panel 'Placing Pasts (abstract below) for the Annual Conference of the Swedish Anthropological Association (SANT) in Stockholm, 6-8 April 2017, co-organised by Claire Bullen (Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, IDEMEC) and Anja Früh (University of Fribourg-Suisse)

Deadline for submission is the 7th of February

Send a 250 word abstract of your paper proposal including institutional affiliation, email and the title of the panel to

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As has been well explored within Critical Heritage Studies, the designation of an object, tradition or site as being ‘cultural heritage’ is the result of a complex – often contested – set of social processes. A rich literature has highlighted how ‘heritage production’ depends upon diverse interactions between different actors – state bodies, non-governmental organisations, individuals etc. – and their distinctive capacities and opportunities to navigate through a web of multi-scalar ‘regimes’ of power (Bendix et al. 2012). Less attention has been paid to the way in which where someplace is matters when it comes to the struggles over the rewriting of pasts in particular locations. At a political moment when connections and disconnections between places are been radically reworked by – among other things – war and violence, migration, financial crises, new communication technologies and changes of political regimes, this panel invites papers that can shed light on the socio-spatial dimension of heritigisation. We are particularly keen for contributions that draw on ethnographic fieldwork to explore how the every-changing ‘relative location’ (Green 2014) of places affects who and what are accorded heritage value.

Discussant: Sarah Green (University of Helsinki)


Yujie Zhu