World Heritage Strategy Forum - Harvard University, September 2016

The Institute for Digital Archaeology will be hosting the World Heritage Strategy Forum 2016 at Harvard University from Sept 9-11th.

A diverse group of more than thirty expert speakers will present talks on a broad range of subjects - from the Venice Charter to Victorian electrotyping, and much more. The conference sessions will be framed around three core themes: technical solutions to heritage conservation challenges, legal and policy frameworks for preserving heritage material, and exploring the present-day relevance of ancient objects and classical texts. In addition to formal talks, there will be technical demonstrations, panel discussions, hands on workshops and unstructured sessions designed to promote conversation and fellowship.

Speakers will include . . .
- Mary Lefkowitz (Wellesley College)
- Stephanie Frampton (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
- Khaled Hiatlih (Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums, Syria)
- Mariya Polner (World Customs Organization)
- Minna Silver (CIPA-ICOMOS)
- Roger Michel (The IDA, Boston University)

We would like to invite faculty and students from the Association of Critical Heritage Studies to join us for this outstanding opportunity to help shape policy around cultural heritage at a pivotal moment in history.

Further information and registration is available here: Students who wish to can apply for a fee waiver by emailing a short personal statement to the Institute for Digital Archaeology at

Yujie Zhu