CfP: The Heritage of Displacement: Forced Migration in the Mediterranean through History


Saturday, 14 May 2016

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

University of Cambridge

Call for Papers: 29 February 2016 Deadline

The Heritage of Displacement Forced Migration in the Mediterranean through History

Throughout history mass movements of people have created heritage, at the time and retrospectively. Sites left behind are reused or fall into ruin, objects are taken on journeys, cultural practices are introduced to new environments, and, sometimes, return journeys are attempted. This movement generates countless stories and leaves a ‘trail of crumbs’ of both tangible and intangible heritage. This heritage is subsequently interpreted by the displaced persons, by members of ‘host’ communities, and by future generations. It is used to support claims to representation, to cultural rights, to history itself.

In this symposium we will explore the heritage of these displacements with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region and ranging from the Greek colonisation, through the Ottoman Empire to the movements of people that we have been witnessing most recently.

The questions that we seek to address are:

• How is what was left behind negotiated?

• How does the cause of departure (man-made or natural disaster) affect the heritage?

• How is heritage being negotiated during the journey?

• In what ways can the cultural encounters engendered by these movements be evidenced in the material culture?

• How is this material culture reinterpreted, forgotten, or rediscovered by later generations?

• What long-term impact does the vision of the lost homeland have?

• Is return ever fully possible? (What consequences does this have for people, objects, and places?)

Papers can speak to historical or more recent case studies. Examples from outside the Mediterranean region will be considered for comparison.

Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words by 29 February 2016 to Margaret Comer (

To register for the symposium please write to Minjae Zoh

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