Call for Reviewers – International Journal of Heritage Studies

backgrounds and cultural contexts define the use, value and meaning of heritage within communities across the world. This work encompasses museums, oral history, public history, the antiquities trade, cultural destruction, heritage management, material culture, education, law, media and human rights.

To ensure that cultural heritage studies remains informed, relevant and can utilise these perspectives, we need to maintain a critical reading of new work. As one of the leading journals within cultural heritage, the International Journal of Heritage Studies invites academics, practitioners and researchers to ensure that original scholarship is identified, debated and used by those who study and work in the field. The journal is seeking the following submissions:

·        Exhibition Reviews (800 to 1500 words): critical assessments of new museum exhibitions and gallery displays
·        Book reviews (800 to 1500 words): assessing a recent publication within cultural heritage
·        Review essays (1500 to 2000 words): assessing wider themes within recently published work in cultural heritage
·        Critical essays (1500 to 2000 words): examining the relation between recent published work and contemporary social, political, cultural and environmental concerns

A list of works that are currently available for review can be provided but reviewers can also contact the Reviews Editors to propose a review of a recently published book or a wider essay on new literature. Longer critical essays will be considered but subject to peer-review. Potential areas of review essays and critical essay could include:

·        Human rights and heritage
·         Politics and heritage
·         Law and cultural heritage
·         Digital heritage
·         Gender and heritage
·         Heritage Tourism
·         Global heritage
·         Migration and Identity
·         Museums and Society

Contact the Reviews Editors for further information:
Professor Michelle L. Stefano, Maryland State Arts Council, USA -
Dr Ross J. Wilson, University of Chichester, UK –

Lucas Lixinski