PhD Opportunities - 'Collecting the West: How collections create Western Australia'

An Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project (2016-2020) LP160100078

University of Western Australia and Deakin University in partnership with Western Australian Museum, State Library of Western Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and British Museum

Project leaders: Alistair Paterson (UWA) & Andrea Witcomb (Deakin University)


Through a unique collaboration between Western Australia’s public collecting institutions, the British Museum and an interdisciplinary team of researchers, the Collecting the West project aims to understand how practices of collecting and display created knowledge about Western Australia that shaped its social relations, mediated its relationship to the environment and produced its identity in Australia and overseas from pre-colonial times to the present. This understanding will be used to produce a new vision of how contemporary collecting and display practices could enable a new vision of Western Australia's place in the world to emerge, one that is better suited to the demands of the future.

We are seeking postgraduate students to join our great team of university and institutional researchers at UWA and Deakin University. The following PhD topics have been identified as integral to the ARC project Collecting the West, located within the Collecting the West work packages. We would love to explore these with you, and encourage you to apply for postgraduate funding if appropriate.

APPLICANTS: First step – contact Alistair Paterson or Andrea Witcomb

Scholarships: We encourage students in the fields of history, archaeology, heritage, museum studies, and related fields to consider applying for an Australian Postgraduate Award or other scholarships.

2017 Australian Postgraduate Award (University of Western Australia/Deakin University), and Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship and Alfred Deakin Institute Scholarships are now open for outstanding domestic students wishing to commence a PhD in 2017. Successful applicants receive a scholarship package of $26,288 per annum with extra support for fieldwork. Deadline October 31st.

2017 Forrest Scholarships @ UWA Forrest Scholarship applications are now open for outstanding domestic and international students wishing to commence a PhD in 2017 at The University of Western Australia. Forrest Scholars receive a scholarship package worth over AU$45,000 per annum (for up to four years). Deadline October 31st.

Please download the attached PDF for further information

Yujie Zhu