CFP: SIEF 2017 - Materializing Exile: Production of Difference and Diversity in the City (Göttingen, March 2017)

The 20th and 21st centuries have witnessed several mass displacements of people - across cities, regions, countries, and continents. These movements have necessitated a renegotiation of what "home" means to, and looks like, for both displaced people and inhabitants of the areas in which they settle. By engaging with the question of exile, this panel aims to investigate how multifaceted experiences of migration and refugeeness refashion constructions of home, nation and belonging, and how difference and diversity are engendered through practices of displacement and expatriation, with special focus on their material and visual dimensions in the city.

Thus, this panel will consider new modes of dwelling and home-making in urban environments in an age of unprecedented migration. How have cities changed - materially and ideologically - with the movement of people? What are the visual "tells" of this change? What does it mean to be or become at home? How do locals and newcomers visualize and experience their changing urban homes? What are the implications of these material and visual changes on diversity/integration initiatives? How are museums and heritage - as 'differencing machines' (Bennett 2006) - involved in the production of difference and diversity? What role do objects and (urban) spaces play in the processes of home-making?

We welcome contributions that address these questions, in particular through the lens of the city by critically examining the dynamics of diversity and difference-making.

Please follow the link to propose a paper via the SIEF website by 7th November 2016.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 7th November 2016.

Yujie Zhu