ISESCO commends new ACHS website

ISESCO Director of culture and communications, Dr Ahmad Said Ould Bah, has commended the new ACHS website and has asked the ACHS team to inform members that all ISESCO news stories and events can be viewed via the official website -

The ISESCO charter states:

The Governments of the Member States, Believing that Islam, a religion of peace and tolerance, represents a way of life and a spiritual, human, moral, cultural and civilizational force which made, and is still making, constructive contribution towards the shaping of the Islamic World and the development of human civilization; Responding to the expectations of the Member States and the hopes of the Islamic Ummah in achieving cooperation, solidarity, progress and prosperity within the framework of joint Islamic action; In anticipation of the challenges faced by the Member States in the educational, scientific, cultural and communication fields, and being aware of the importance of such fields in achieving development, progress and prosperity, without neglecting the Ummah’s glorious heritage; Being aware of the close bonds which unite the peoples of the Islamic World through the unity of civilization and the shared spiritual, moral and cultural values, and seeking to encourage civilizational interaction and promote these shared civilizational, cultural and intellectual bonds; Activating the principles of solidarity, mutual assistance and equality to reinforce cooperation among the Member States and thereby promote education, science, culture and communication through all appropriate means.

ISESCO has one (1) regional office, two (2) delegations, four (4) educational centres and three (3) regional centres for audiovisual and multimedia training and production. For more information on ISESCO or to contact one of the above centres, please contact the appropriate person on this list.

Yujie Zhu