If you would like to post a session proposal for the 2018 ACHS Conference, please email info@criticalheritagestudies.org with a short description of your proposed session and a set of contact details for interested participants.

Session Title: Heritage Crime

Session organizers: Richard Hutchings & Marina La Salle, Vancouver Island University, and Institute for Critical Heritage and Tourism, British Columbia, Canada

Session abstract: What is heritage crime and who perpetrates it? Who are its victims? What are the implications for those victimized? For the perpetrators? For society at large? Taking a critical approach to both heritage and crime, contributors to this cutting edge interdisciplinary session explore the emerging field of heritage crime studies. Suggested subject areas covered include:

  • State-sanctioned heritage crime

  • Heritage crime across borders

  • Crime against Indigenous and ethnic minority heritage

  • Heritage crime and international law

  • Crime against state heritage

  • Heritage crime and war

  • Looting and trafficking

  • Fakes and forgeries

  • Heritage crime as resistance

  • Policing and prosecuting heritage crime

  • Crime against intangible heritage and intellectual property

  • Cultural resource management (CRM) / cultural heritage management (CHM)

Please submit title and 200-word abstract by 27 March 2017 to icht.bc@gmail.com

A PDF of this announcement available here: https://www.academia.edu/31246937/CFP_HERITAGE_CRIME_ACHS.2018