Allison Bain, 2016, « História : questões et debates : Part 1 »

This collection of paper in a thematic issued published by História: questões et debates, is the result of discussions held at the 2016 meetings in Montréal. Over two days, participants from seven countries and four indigenous nations presented a diverse array of papers.  In proposing a session that corresponded to the ACHS 2016 theme What does heritage change? we argued that archaeology, in going above and beyond the traditional goals of research and post-excavation analyses, may indeed contribute to education and to the creation of identities and communities. This volume begins with papers on how the practice of archaeology is managed and legislated. Four papers and two case studies present some of these shared challenges while also highlighting archaeological success stories.  Desrosiers’ paper outlines how archaeology is legislated and practiced in the Canadian province of Québec, while Moss discusses management at the municipal level in the city of Québec. Tanaka’s paper focuses on the complex management of archaeology at the site of Patara, Turkey, and explains how a variety of government bodies apply their specific legislations to the site. Treyvaud and her colleagues from the Abenaki Nation in southern Québec explain the Waban-Aki approach to co-managing cultural heritage and natural resources. This volume concludes with the presentation of two case studies submitted by doctoral students. Wang discusses the relatively recent classification of Chinese Large Scale Archaeological sites and presents us with three examples, while Hesham focuses on Luxor, Egypt, and how archaeology has impacted both the local community and the cultural landscape since the nineteenth century. 


Allison Bain and Réginald Auger


Pierre Desrosiers. La recherche archéologique au Québec : quelle place au soleil ?

William Moss. Archaeological Practice in Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Eisuke Tanaka. Archaeology has transformed “stones” into “heritage”: The production of a heritage site through interactions among archaeology, tourism, and local communities in Turkey

Geneviève Treyvaud, Suzie O'Bomsawin and Marie-Ève Samson. Mieux connaître le Ndakinna : la contribution de l’archéologie collaborative au processus d’affirmation territoriale de la Nation Abénakise

Case studies

Dongdong Wang. Case Studies in Large-Scale Archaeological Site Conservation and Management in China: The Liangzhu, Yin Xu, and Han Yangling Sites

Eman Shokry Hesman. Changing perspectives on responsible heritage site management: The case of Luxor City, Egypt

Available at : (just click on Dr. Tanaka's beautiful cover photo to access the Table of Contents where individual papers may be downloaded)

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